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Larkspur | Ward 12

I would like to acknowledge two topics that I appreciate about Edmonton. Firstly, as a mother of three girls I am always in the go and looking for fun activities to participate in. Our city has awesome amenities, both indoor and outdoor, that appeal to all age groups. My family and friends often go swimming, skating, visit the zoo, library, and other city of Edmonton attractions. When I was in post secondary a few years ago, I utilized the leisure access pass as well. This program is very beneficial to singles and families. I also promote this program with my clients through the Housing First program I work for. This brings me to the second topic I’d like to mention. Homelessness in Edmonton is a huge issue and as a frontline worker in the Housing First program, I would like to commend the city and their partnerships for the work that is put forth everyday. I see the opportunity that is provided to our participants daily through being involved with HF. Having a home to call their own and access to services (I.e. leisure, mental/physical health, employment/education, substance abuse, etc) goes a long way. The city’s focus on ending homelessness is not only important, it’s a basic human right that fortunately isn’t being ignored.


Mill Creek | Ward 8

Northwest Scuba is a small business that has a great working relationship with Scona Pool (River City Rec.). They have accommodated us when we need pool time. Allowed us to bring cameras into the pool to shoot movies and documentaries. We employ 2 full time right now and will have 1 more full time person come January. We also have 35 part time instructors. We are one of the busiest scuba stores in Canada and would like to grow. Having a new pool would be beneficial to us and the community.


Ritchie | Ward 11

My husband and I work long hours every week and have struggled to set aside enough quality time with our son within such a busy lifestyle, not to mention fitting in some sort of exercise in the day. After we get home from work, eat something and help with homework, it's too late for most recreation options, especially in the winter. We recently discovered that the Kinsmen Rec Centre is open late and has badminton courts that it turns out make for very fun quality time together and also gets our heart rates up! Our weekly trips there make all the difference and we're so thankful we have this facility. It keeps our family healthy and connected. There's nothing like it offered by the private or nonprofit sectors. Paying my $3500+/year in taxes doesn't bother me when I know it's going toward things that make our lives better.


Bonnie Doon | Ward 8

La Société historique francophone de l'Alberta is funded through the Edmonton Heritage Council. Having been an funder and recipient of grants for most of my career, I can say without hesitation that the Edmonton Heritage Council - despite its very young age - is the most innovative and cutting edge funder I have ever been in contact with. But EHC is about more than funding, its leadership in capacity building and networking has accelerated our growth and allowed us to receive other funds. Without this funding relationship, Edmonton's Francophone story is less known. And beyond our Society, there is also the Flying Canoe Volant Festival, the Francophone Genealogy society (SGNO), and the French Quarter who have also contributed greatly to Edmonton's vitality. However, as a fledgling city agency, the EHC has done miracles with a tiny budget in comparison to other agencies with similar mandates. We have a tonne of work to do, and we can't allow the sector to settle in to a stagnant maintenance mindset. That is why a strategic increase in grant and core funding to the EHC is necessary for preservation and dissemination of Edmonton's Heritage.


Duggan | Ward 10

Edmonton's passion for heritage and desire to preserve historical buildings is one of my greatest loves. It gives me so much pride to be apart of a city that is actively involver with the future, but respectful and mindful of the past. Too many cities are losing that passion nowadays. Edmonton, thankfully, has not yet, but we will soon if we are not careful. Keep Edmonton's vibrant history alive by investing in it!!


Elmwood | Ward 5

Becoming a community league member has changed my entire view on where I live. It is no longer a house in Elmwood. It is a community where I feel safe. I have neighbours that I share meals with, friends that I meet with monthly at book club, events that introduce me to new people all the time. My girls are meeting other neighbourhood kids that they have become fast friends with and will grow up with. Without the Elmwood Community League running its events, programs and Facebook page, I would likely have never met the majority of the women and men in Elmwood that I call friends.


Queen Alexandra | Ward 8

I work downtown although I actually live in Queen Alexandra. By virtue of where I live, where I work, and where I travel on a daily basis, I see the impact of homelessness. It's a challenging stigma for many to overcome and a divisive subject for all unless it is given a human face. I am grateful for the leadership council and city administration have decided to take with Edmonton's Plan to End Homelessness. Please keep it up. Thank you.


Downtown | Ward 6

My wife and I moved downtown earlier this year (we've lived in Edmonton since January 2016) and the newly opened Walterdale Bridge trails are simply incredible. The accessible, public River Valley is so unique in an urban environment - and we're excited to do the "Walterdale Figure 8 Loop" in every season of our city.


Downtown | Ward 6

My new favourite park is Alex Decoteau Park, the first downtown park in 30 years. It has been incredible to see and hear about community members advocating for green space in the midst of grey concrete, with the inclusion of Indigenous history and a very child-friendly water feature! Where else can I go that is safe and inviting to watch other people's dogs run around in the dog park while Downtown Edmonton Community League (DECL) members work in the community garden? I am so grateful for DECL for bringing this to my neighbourhood!


Alberta Avenue | Ward 7

Opening up municipal and city funded programs for folks without immigration status (living in exploitive situations, primarily women of colour), including creating more low-income housing opportunities for Indigenous and racialized people facing poverty, creates a more equitable city and safer, happier communities for all. The City of Edmonton supports these initiatives in some capacities and I would love to see more funds put towards these efforts. This makes a positive impact in my life as a neighbour, mother, and resident of Edmonton, sharing space and resources with all.


McCauley | Ward 6

We appreciate City's Leisure Access Programs as well as the group leisure access coupons which allow our groups of newcomers and low income families to visit Edmonton attractions and recreation centres as a group to further network and build positive relationship in the fun environments. Also we enjoy the annual Free Admission Day in end of September. We usually try to take advantage of it by going to a place in the morning and another in the afternoon!


McCauley | Ward 6

As a Deaf woman, I have access to support for the arts and public engagement events. I often attend public engagement events to share my experiences and feedback on how to improve or praise my City. I recently attended an paint event and a tour of one of the pyramids at the Muttart Conservatory. The City provided an ASL interpreter so I could get the equal information and have the same inclusive experience as everyone else. Event organizers leading the event benefit from the interpreter as they do not know sign language, so the interpreter also does ASL to English interpretation. I am actually able engage in dialogue with event attendees, understand what they are saying and they are presented with deaf perspective on various topics. I get to represent my Deaf community and make people aware that there is a strong Deaf community in Edmonton. I get to develop as an artist and gain or share more knowledge from a deaf person's perspective. In the end, everyone benefits from the interpreter. Everyone wins.


McCauley | Ward 6

I work with Somali immigrants as a Health Broker with Multi Cultural Health Brokers (MCHB). We use the Edmonton Intercultural Centre (EIC) every second Saturday from 1-5pm. We do homework and parenting groups, although it has turned in to so much more. We couldn’t do our programs without the funding City of Edmonton gives EIC as well as the bus passes for low income families. Your funding allows me to do my community health work. By getting parents out with their children learning skills, I also get to meet them at all their levels of need--I can help counsel them with the most serious and painful traumas in a long-term relationship, as well as teaching my families how to cope with winter (which can further isolate families already struggling to integrate because they lack skills to deal with the cold). By inviting them into community we create buffers from mental health and provide mentorship and leadership opportunities. I can help my families navigate and connect with even more resources that they need to thrive. I see all of this is as preventative health—and I couldn’t do it without the City of Edmonton’s funding in EIC and the low-income bus pass program. I would love to do more, but I am thankful for what I can do now.


Parkallen | Ward 10

Scona Pool has been a part of my life since I started grade school as I started and completed my swimming lessons there. These lessons were a amazing experience and pleasant memory which encouraged me to pursue a job in teaching swimming lessons and pass on the potentially life changing skills that were given to me. However the real impact that Scona pool had on my life was through the high school swim team, that I was apart of. It was probably one of, if not the greatest part of my high school career and helped me build relationships with some truly amazing people, as well as being a life changing experience on its own, so much so much so that I continue my involvement on the team as a volunteer coach. If Scona pool is shut down future generations will never have the amazing experience that I had. The Scona Swim team, which has been a huge part of many peoples lives, will be as good as dead, as well as essentially ending the 32 year consecutive city championship streak that so many people have worked so hard to maintain. So if Scona pool is closed not only will a recreation center close but so will a huge part of the the community and many peoples lives.


Queen Alexandra | Ward 8

We are new to Edmonton, and for the past two summers, our family has enjoyed accessing the Queen Elizabeth Outdoor Pool. It has been a place to cool off, learn new skills in the water, connect with family and friends, be active and have fun! The fact that it has been free, has eliminated any financial barrier to accessing it - a great use of tax dollars!


Athlone | Ward 2

I moved here four years ago and was amazed by all the fantastic arts and cultural events that Edmonton has. From the incredible theatre to fun festivals, there is always something to do all year round which makes Edmonton a great place to live. I was so impressed with the diversity of events that I even encouraged other family members to relocate here because I knew they would love it, and they do. I also love the public library system that Edmonton has, the new Calder library is a beautiful building and a great resource.


Strathcona | Ward 8

What impresses me the most is a commitment to multi-model transportation infrastructure. Living in a walkable and dense community such as this that fortunately is augmented by pretty good public transportation connecting most, if not all, of the great things Edmonton has to offer. I am greatful for the time our YEGCC and advocacy groups spend (invest) in VisionZero, cycling lanes, crosswalks, and our roadways!


Brookside | Ward 9

I have lived in a neighbourhood without readily accessible services my whole life. When I was old enough to go to high school, I made my way to Strathcona. During that time, I joined the swim team and almost daily for those 3 years, I swam there. The gathering space that is Scona Pool keeps the community alight. People can walk there, it's in the middle of everything, and in Edmonton that is a rarity. Where at home it's over 5 kilometres to a grocery store, not to mention to a rec centre. The city has to keep these gathering spaces around, support them in full, and keep the centre of the city alive and strong.


Riverdale | Ward 6

I walk or bike to work every day, through the downtown core. The downtown bike grid and the new scramble crosswalk at Jasper and 104th have both made major safety improvements to my commute. The city's investment in active transportation lets me be healthier, more environmentally responsible, and more fiscally responsible.


Strathcona | Ward 8

The Neighbourhood Renewal program has been absolutely integral to maintaining a good quality of life in the city's mature communities. Not only is it great to know our streets, sidewalks and street lights will be upgraded, but the shift to considering how neighbourhoods can be re-designed for accessibility, safety and enjoyment during the construction is an important decision that allows us to maximize our budget, planning and Edmonton's livability.


Argyll | Ward 11

Edmonton offers great opportunities to low income Edmontonians to access recreational services such as the leisure access pass, a free Library card and the low cost bus pass. It makes me happy to see families enjoying a day at the library or at the Recreational Centre. Were this options not available these families will be isolated and children will not develop the necessary skills in life.


Parkview | Ward 1

My work and social life is mostly in central Edmonton, but I live in the west end. Riding my bike to get places used to involve being on a lot of roads with traffic, including major roads in winter when the side streets weren't cleared. This was always a bit harrowing, and wasn't great for me or for drivers. Now, even though there's only one lone protected bike lane into downtown from the west end, and only a handful of streets throughout the city that have protected bike lanes, I'm able to get most places I need to without riding on the road in traffic or on sidewalks, especially in the winter, thanks to the snow clearing of the bike lanes.


Twin Brooks | Ward 10

I appreciate the improvements to pedestrian safety near George P Nicholson school. I feel much safer on my evening walks with electronic traffic control to let drivers know to slow down. The LRT access at Century park has saved my family so much money and allowed us to keep the same house after changing jobs. I also use aquatic programming at the confederation and Peter Hemingway poool. It is such a nice way to keep up with friends and fitness in the winter!


Malmo Plains | Ward 10

It is hard to put into words how extensively Scona Pool impacted my high school experience and continues to influence the activities I do today. I was on the swim team at Strathcona high school for three years and had such an amazing experience that I have returned for the past four years as a volunteer coach for this team. The Scona swim team creates an incredible community within the school. Because it is a no-cuts team it provides a welcoming environment for students of all abilities and teaches valuable skills that go far beyond learning how to swim. None of this would be possible without Scona pool and the funding provided for it by the city.


Brander Gardens | Ward 9

To some, the Scona Pool may seem like another city pool, but for those of us that had the opportunity to swim there, it has become both a place of memories and accomplishment. As a recent graduate of Strathcona High School, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Strathcona Lords Swim Team, a group of fun-loving students that showed up to the pool every morning, some of us even after the official swim season ended. During swim season, the pool acted as a welcoming place for students to socialize with their peers, regardless of grade level. On top of this, the swim team gave students the opportunity to learn the important life skill of swimming, all while having a great time. Even after the swim season ended, the Scona Pool acted as a great place to help me wake up and be ready to learn in first block, de-stress during a spare, or to just hang out and have fun with friends. At the Scona Pool, I have made lifelong friendships and many cherished memories. Even after graduating, I still come back on occasion to help coach the swim team. Without the Scona Pool it wouldn't be the same.


McKernan | Ward 8

Neighbourhood renewal recently came to McKernan. All of our streets have been repaved, we got fresh sidewalks, and improved cycling infrastructure. The construction pretty much all happened in time for winter. It's a lot easier to get around the neighbourhood because beforehand the sidewalks and roads were in really poor conditions. On top of this, it'll be easier to shovel our sidewalks because the they are pitted with cracks and all bumpy! There's a bunch of other positives from this too, but overall I'm thankful that the city is dedicating resources to not only renew but also improve the conditions in our neighbourhood. This will have benefits for years to come.


Belgravia | Ward 8

The Scona pool holds so many stories, dating back decades when the swim team was very small to the now, a team of well over 100 swimmers . It has not only been a pool where the swim team gathers to practice, it’s become a welcoming place where we are all able to have fun, meet amazing people, support each other and create lasting memories. It would be sad to see such an amazing place go.


McKernan | Ward 8

We love going down to the river valley and walking along the trails and picnicking at both Emily Murphy and Hawrelak Park. This past summer my 3 kids and I enjoyed the free use of the Queen Elizabeth Outdoor Pool many times. It was an amazing way to spend an afternoon outdoors. During the spring and summer months the kids love going to the greenshack programs. It is a great way for kids to be kids and to play with many kids around their age. In the winter we like to go to the McKernan rink and skate outdoors. Last winter my husband also took the kids to the free indoor skating at Tipton arena on a weekly basis. As a family of 5 these free activites are so greatly appreciated, because we may not otherwise have the extra money to enjoy these amenities so often.


Bulyea Heights | Ward 9

I am specifically speaking on behalf of the Scona Pool. I had the opportunity to be a captain on the 2015 Strathcona Lords Swim team and it was an unbelievable experience. The pool allowed students from all walks of life and skill level the ability to join the team and have fun swimming. I made a lot of great memories on deck and met a lot of great people. Without the Scona pool, I don't think Strathcona Highschool would be able to win the 33 swim championships in a row. I still go back to coach and would like to coach for years to come.


Oliver | Ward 6

I choose not to own a vehicle because I live in Oliver, which is pretty central as a neighbourhood. Many people complain about the ETS being inefficient. While many things such as bus frequency and timeliness can be improved, I am grateful for the service ETS provides. Thanks to ETS, I am able to go to work every day, do groceries, have fun on evenings and weekends, and roam around the city as much as I wish. The City of Edmonton should invest more in public transit to encourage more people to take the bus and LRT - the future belongs to public transit!


Parkview | Ward 1

I value the city's funding of arts programming, and I'll note a particular example of an arts organization for people with development disabilities -- the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. The Nina is a cornerstone of the 118Avenue revitalization and has a great impact on the neighbourhood and on the people who take part in its programs. The city's support of the Nina has helped a lot of Edmontonians. Supporting people who might otherwise be marginalized is what makes a kind, caring, warm city, and that's a city I want to be part of.


Horse Hill | Ward 4

All free programming (indoor and outdoor) provided for families. While on maternity leave, my husband was laid off and we were struggling to afford a lot of ‘extras’. All of the free services available for families in this city made us able to enjoy our time together and make our lives feel ‘normal’. We were able to provide our baby with rich experiences without spending a lot. This was so appreciated!!


Queen Alexandra | Ward 8

My favourite part of Edmonton is the River Valley and all the ways I can enjoy it: I host barbecues at Whitemud Park; hand feed the chickadees with my kids at Rainbow Valley; bike around the River Loop Trail; run along River Valley Road year round; ride the funicular to get to meetings downtown; skate at the Victoria Oval; and enjoy festivals at Hawrelak Park. I'm grateful for this bountiful setting and the work the City does to maintain it.


Mayliewan | Ward 3

I love seeing all the art work. The way they promote #yeg artists is encouraging. I started using LRT recently and love it. Fast convenient and clean.


Alberta Avenue | Ward 7

As a single parent with small children and living on a limited income, the Leisure Access Program was so helpful to my family. Through it, we visited the Zoo; spent entire days exploring the outdoors at Fort Edmonton Park and it gave my children the opportunity to take potentially lifesaving swim lessons at a low cost. I am so grateful for this program. I no longer need the Leisure Access Pass, but I am happy that my taxes go towards helping other families access the program.


Downtown | Ward 6

The new public green spaces downtown have greatly improved my experience of downtown life. Particularly, the fenced off-leash dog park in Alex Decoteau Park made it possible for our downtown condo-dwelling family to welcome an energetic puppy into our home. We have met so many downtown neighbours through the dog park. I also love how kids (and pups) play in the fountain while gardeners tend to their vegetables and dogs play. What a well-used space!Bonus - we get to walk along the bike lanes on 102 Ave and enjoy the added safety of the signal changes plus the new flowers and grasses planted along the barriers.


Strathcona | Ward 8

The Funicular creates a beautiful urban park space that is very successful and well used. I love that it lets me skip the old sketchy crossings of Grierson Hill Road, greatly improving the pleasantness and safety of river valley access to/from downtown whether I'm travelling by foot or by bike! I like to bring visitors through the park and I now use it daily on my bike commute. The stairs provide a great place to linger or run a little.


Alberta Avenue | Ward 7

The Small Sparks Grant and the Neighbourhood Connect team in Alberta Ave have been so amazing for my block, and those around me. The last few years I have been able to apply for the SS grant, and received full funding to host a block party. This year I helped co-host a two-block party with the neighbours south of us. We also had neighbours from the surrounding blocks join us. These events bring people together, creates community and helps to keep our neighbourhood safe. It was great to get to know more of our neighbours and invite more children to play with our kids (who now regularly come to our block to play!). I hope these two initiatives remain in our area because it wouldn't be possible to continue without them. The investment is small but the return is HUGE. I also want to include that the funding to the Arts on the Ave has been one of the reasons we stay in the neighbourhood. The festivals and the Carrot Community Coffee House have played a central role in our lives. Even our eight year old has started to help volunteer for the festivals and looks forward to them every year (Kaleido, Deep Freeze, Halloween, etc). The Babes in Arms program at the Carrot was how I met the majority of other parents while I was off (my husband took part of parental leave and also used this resource). Without the cafe, I don't think I would feel quite as connected to my community.As a last comment, regarding infrastructure; I am so happy with the bike lanes, and that they are going to be expanded to our neighbourhood. I hope that eventually they become protected bike lanes in the neighbourhood (and hopefully run along 95 street) but for now, we just need something. The core areas of the city are the most accessible by foot and bike, so the infrastructure needs to be put in place now, to be a vibrant, healthy city. It just makes sense.


Mayliewan | Ward 3

I really love the heaters on the LRT lines. Its so nice to come in out of the elements! #yeg #thrive #toastybuns


Glenora | Ward 6

The city maintains a beautiful little park near my hospital. Patients sit here all year round to enjoy a little piece of nature. It’s restorative and kind.


Fulton Place | Ward 8

I’ve always felt connected to my Edmonton. As a child, I used to follow the letter carrier door to door collecting his used rubber bands and meeting neighbors along the walk. These safe, efficient, walkable streets now keep me active and passionate about preserving, enhancing, and growing my city. I appreciate that my city listens, through engagement opportunities that promote broad-based collaborations in urban design and service planning. It’s in those conversations where neighbors can feel empowered and administration can learn from the past to build our city for future generations, like my daughter and her friends .


Queen Alexandra | Ward 8

I live on the south side in the centre of the city. The community was built at a time when people walked, biked or took short transit trips. I am grateful for the parks, playgrounds, pools & infrastructure that support a dense population without driving (literally) us to the outskirts for recreation and public "bumping" places.


Summerside | Ward 12

We lived in Gold Bar and I was concerned when we moved to Summerside about getting to work in the core. The 78 and 79 as well as some park and ride when in a pinch helped me get to work and avoid traffic jams safely to get home to my family.


Aspen Gardens | Ward 10

I have lived in my neighorhood for almost 30 years and raised my kids here. Last year our community league offered some special programs for 55+ with funding from the city. It was such fun and a great opportunity to re-connect with neighbours I hadnt seen in years!


Overlanders | Ward 4

Outings to spray parks, skate board parks, recreational facilities, library computer services, maybe beach days, concerts in a park, family or friend picnic get together over a fire at the many parks, New Years Eve Downtown, etc. These all are used often weather permitting, with not much acknowledgement. Also, senior exercise classes at parks, with two instructors.


Ritchie | Ward 11

Born and raised in Edmonton, I am familiar with many of the challenges that the city and its community has been going through over the years. I have seen friends of many talents leave this city, to pursue "bigger" dreams and opportunities. I have stayed, and continue to choose to stay, because the City has invested in encouraging innovation and enterprise in all facets of the community to make it better, including addressing poverty, homelessness, Urban well-being, public health, multimodal transportation, racism, gender equality, economic development, and so much more.


Oliver | Ward 6

Because I live in Oliver and work downtown, all the infrastructure that allows me to leave my car at home makes a positive impact on my life: bike lanes, pedestrian oriented development, services within walking distance of where I live. It is great to see street oriented development, and disappointing to see car oriented development, especially in the core.


Holyrood | Ward 8

I know the question says one thing, but I have to mention two things that have transformed my life in Edmonton:1. Public mobility investments - LRT, bike lanes, and the funicular to be specific. Bike lanes alone have completely changed the way I move around the city, particularly downtown and Old Strathcona. The funicular adds an important connection that makes my daily commute much easier, and the bike-friendly surface-boarding Valley Line LRT coming to the Southeast will open up so much more of the city to me.2. Community Leagues - I have never been more engaged with my city and community since volunteering for my league board. I have met so many neighbours and city-builders, learned so much from the perspectives of everyone I have engaged with, and I enjoy making my community a better place to live through the work we do.


Downtown | Ward 6

I'm surprised how much I use the 100th Street Funicular, which has become a part of my daily commute to work and makes biking year round much easier. One suggestion for improvement is to either have more reliable service or better communication for when it's out-of-service.


Queen Alexandra | Ward 8

A city service that is essential to me and my family is support for the arts through the Edmonton Arts Council. The arts are a huge part of what makes Edmonton a vibrant city, and it is well known all over Canada for jazz, theatre (especially Fringe), classical music (and the Winspear Centre), and visual arts. Arts funding is very important economically and for tourism and helps many in the city not just live but THRIVE!I also love the bike lanes on the south side and in Oliver! I am not a confident cyclist. I don't ride at a fast pace, and I was so nervous being in the traffic. This year, I rode more in the first two weeks of spring/summer than I had all of last year combined (and have continued to do so). With the new transportation infrastructure, I have bike lanes or shared use lanes all the way from my house in Queen Alex to my work in the west part of Oliver. I love riding to work now, and do so sometimes up to 5 times a week. I have a clear head when I arrive at work, I feel safe, I don't feel pressured, I haven't fought the vehicle traffic, I've shed some pounds, and feel way more healthy. Thanks Edmonton!


King Edward Park | Ward 11

I have recently moved into King Edward Park and I appreciate that the beautiful Mill Creek Ravine provides great off leash trails for my dogs and me to enjoy all through the year.


Hazeldean | Ward 11

Living close to the Mill Creek Ravine, I frequently go for runs and explore the ravine system. Whether it's on my bike or on foot there are high quality trails and beautiful new bridges, along with benches and maintained garbage cans which make the natural area a joy to spend and afternoon in. It's only a few blocks to the ravine, but I can walk there on new, rehabilitated sidewalks and through neighbourhood green spaces and trails. None of these would be possible without significant investments in our existing communities and natural spaces.


Allendale | Ward 10

Wonderful parks & bike lanes. Healthy city. Make Edmonton awesome.


Windsor Park | Ward 8

LRT. It makes going downtown and other places like Southgate and Kingway so much easier. A nice walk getting to the train, stress free travel, no need to find parking. Since I'm limited to one thing, I won't mention the others--community leagues, neighbourhood parks, rec centres, city engagement opportunities that enable citizens to provide input, the river valley trails, city funded arts organizations that animate the city year-round--the list is endless.


Downtown | Ward 6

I appreciate the City's infrastructure for me to take transit and to walk to work and my meetings. I can't afford a car so it makes a world of difference to me!


Downtown | Ward 6

My life is downtown. I live here, work here, all of my health services and other amenities are here. My mom even lives just a few blocks away. Infrastructure to create a more walkable city has been key. Bike lanes and transit have made getting from a to b feel safer, and provide more sustainable transportation options. We need to invest more in public transit and walkability.


Lymburn | Ward 5

My 2 year old son enjoyed the playground and spray park in the summer. Our family also enjoys walking at the trails along river.


Elmwood | Ward 5

I love being able to take public transit to work every day. It's accessible from where I live, the bus drivers are always helpful, and I get to meet new people all the time—either from my neighbourhood or surrounding areas. I also get more exercise in my day as a result. I recently started taking my children to swimming lessons via public transit on the weekends too. It's a beautiful opportunity for them to learn to navigate our city without a car, understand bus etiquette, be mindful of people with reduced mobility, and develop an awareness of the diversity in Edmonton.


Michaels Park | Ward 11

I have been active in the community League at North Millbourne for many years and I love how this allows our neighbourhood to work with the City of Edmonton to support Greenshacks, camps and summer/winter fun events for the community. The City could not provide these services without he volunteers of the community and the funding from the City of Edmonton allows us to engage residents to contribute. The friendships and sense of belonging are so rewarding and grow with you as your life changes.


Strathcona | Ward 8

When I first moved to Edmonton (from the larger Alberta Municipality to the South) I was blown away at how family friendly Edmonton is in comparison. Several aspects of the City and services contributed to this perception including:-free drop-in programs at the library (I went to several branches around the City to accommodate my schedule) that I was able to access with my infant and toddler (unheard of to the south);-drop-in fitness classes (even with kids!) and eventually childcare (Kids Den) at the recreation centres (Kinsmen and Commonwealth);-ability to register in kids activities even after they had started if I wasn't quite on the ball (unheard of to the south). I tell everyone I meet who is new to this city about the accessible, quality supports for raising kids that Edmonton has invested in.


Aldergrove | Ward 1

I like the fact that the City invests money into playgrounds. Our favorite park is Jackie Parker Park. I like to bring my kids to the playground and splash park in summer. The park has great washroom facilities and picnic facilities. It is great to enjoy time as a family!


Queen Mary Park | Ward 6

I love the layout of the city. I've lived in many other places, including Calgary, Toronto and Houston. Those communities seemed to have the life chocked out of them by a sprawling network of highways; I understand that Edmonton was once also on track to have a similar fate (I think I heard 105 St. was supposed to be turned into a giant motorway, shooting people across the river from old Strathcona to downtown). Thankfully, we dodged that bullet. Instead of all of us being funneled in and out of the centre (and boomeranged back out to the suburbs), we have multiple ways of navigating, allowing us to keep core communities vibrant and livable. I think it's given us a stronger sense of community, and it helps to keep life at a more reasonable pace (driving at high speeds personally adds to my stress levels; for 13 years, when I returned to my suburban home in Calgary, I was coiled up like a spring, ready to erupt with rage; it took me a while to realize it was because of all the jostling, weaving and ducking I had to navigate commuting from work).I now live North of downtown Edmonton, and my life is so much easier. It's affordable. There's reasonable parking. Being centrally located means it doesn't take long to get anywhere. I can accurately anticipate travel times, as opposed to when I lived in Toronto and had to think of highway crashes, construction and weather delays that could make my e.t.a. more of a wish than an plan (and it seemed I was always either embarrassingly early or hopelessly late). I sure hope we resist the nightmare of huge roads promising to zip us out to dull, lifeless suburbs; it doesn't work, and it kills the heart of a city. I've moved back to Edmonton several times over my life, and now I know why; it's livable.


Satoo | Ward 11

I really appreciate ETS bus services which I take most days to work downtown from Mill Woods. I regularly park at Davies as it is more convenient for me to drop off my children at care on the way there, than to catch the bus from my neighbourhood. Taking the bus has obvious economic and environmental benefits, but I believe there are significant health benefits including increased daily physical activity, social connections (recognizing neighbours on your route may increase feelings of safety), and emotional/mental health benefits - driving is freaking stressful! I too was skeptical like I’m sure many are about transit, but really urge folks to just try it. It may surprise you to see how quick and convenient it is. #justtaketransit


Strathcona | Ward 8

I moved to Edmonton last year and prior to my move everyone kept telling me how beautiful the river valley is, and everyone was right. The North Saskatchewan River flows literally through the city figuratively through the souls of Edmontonians. The river valley has the largest expanse of urban parkland in North America (more than Central Park in NYC and Stanley Park in Vancouver). The river isn't only a beautiful sight, it is our source of drinking water, it's the basin in which all water in the city flows, and it is a location for us to enjoy! I try to get down to the river at least every week to dip my toes in the water and meditate on the banks. Last month I biked to the Fort Edmonton Footbridge beach which is beautiful and sandy. I had such a nice day taking pictures, birdwatching, and reading while watching kayaks, canoes, and motor boats pass by.


Lewis Farms | Ward 1

I like our neighborhood and the fact that we have a Community League (supported by the city). We love all the events organized be the community, it feels great to be a part of it and meet all the great people there. My family also loves all the indoor and outdoor amenities that city provides and would definitely love the Rec center close by.


Secord | Ward 1

Our furry family members absolutely love the river valley - in particular the Buena Vista off-leash area. We wish there were more places like this to enjoy closer to home within walking distance.


Ramsay Heights | Ward 9

I am an avid walker and use the river valley and ravine trails almost daily. This network is large and varied and I love accessing and exploring different parts of it -- a huge and important four season resource for Edmontonians!


Pollard Meadows | Ward 12

The rec centers are a huge part of my family’s life I have the opportunity to stay physically fit and my kids have the opportunity to socialize with other children!Plus the city offers so may different programs for children to keep them busy year round!I love the summer programs!Very well organized and educational!


Allendale | Ward 10

The Leisure Access program makes it possible for me to provide my kids the experience of summer camp, swimming lessons etc. Without the discount my children would not be able to experience this. As a single mom of 3 ,1 with severe disability, I am able to take my son swimming which is the one thing I know he loves to do. Without this program we would only be surviving, with this program my children are thriving! Thank you Edmonton! 😀


Rio Terrace | Ward 5

Public transit plays a huge role in how I live my day-to-day life. Yes I still pay for a bus pass, but bus routes are laid out in a way that makes most of my travels doable without having to drive. With a bus pas and occasional taxi, I spend only about $200 a month of transportation, as opposed to all the expenses related to car ownership such as gas, maintenance, insurance and more. How transit is integrated in traveling for major festivals and games also helps with more actively enjoying what our city has to offer. I really want to play my part in being environmentally friendly. Having affordable, accessible transit system is key.


Strathcona | Ward 8

I live on the 83rd Ave bike lane. Indeed, my partner and I bought our current home because of its proximity to two wonderful resources our city has to offer: bike infrastructure and green space. When we immigrated to Canada, we aspired to embrace more active transportation. Although I have been cycling year round for a number of years, since the introduction of the 83 Ave and 106st bike paths I feel safer during my daily commute, and more importantly there are now less barriers to prevent other Edmontonians from taking the leap and embracing active transportation.


King Edward Park | Ward 11

I appreciate that the city provides support for community organizations that help me connect my daughter to our Chinese heritage. Our diverse community organizations also expose my family to the rich cultures that make up our city.


King Edward Park | Ward 11

I enjoy jogging through the Mill Creek Ravine bike path in the summers and swimming with my daughter at the free public pool. She loves to go up and down the slide over and over again. I cycle year round and appreciate the prompt snow clearing service the city provides for the path network year round.


McCauley | Ward 6

When I first moved to Edmonton three years ago I was struck by how most people thank the bus driver when they reach their stop, but I think the thanks is well deserved. Edmonton certainly doesn't have the best transit system of any city I've lived in, but it gets me places that are too far to walk to, and is reliable in the winter when it's freezing out. I can't say I always enjoy taking Edmonton transit, but I enjoy it more than the thought of driving in traffic or through snow, and am glad to see the progress in the city's LRT expansion and improvement of the bus the network. Living in Edmonton I quickly picked up the habit of thanking the bus driver, and have come to appreciate how important public transit is to the city.


Secord | Ward 1

We are so lucky to have great playgrounds in our neighborhood and other neighborhoods nearby. The communities where our friends and family live also have great playgrounds and active community leagues, and they’re all so different from the others! The green shacks in the summer make those playgrounds even better!! We love the zoo, John Jansen, Fort Edmonton Park, and when they’re a bit older we will take full advantage of swimming lessons at city pools and many activities at the rec centers too!! The family attractions throughout Edmonton, indoor and outdoor, are definitely helping my family thrive in Edmonton.


Oliver | Ward 6

I am really loving the new park and play equipment in the Oliver parks. My family and I really enjoyed the splash park and outdoor pool this summer too. I see people needing homes in the neighbourhood and I wish the city would do even more to support them.


Lewis Farms | Ward 1

Swimming is not only a fun activity, but it helps keep my kids active and is an important life skill. I want to know that if they fall into water that they will be ok, and swimming lessons helps with this.Hockey is a big part part of my boys lives. They love every second of it, and I love that it keeps them active and that they are learning what it means to be apart of a team. Edmonton recreation centres allow my family to enjoy both of these activities.


Westmount | Ward 6

Yesterday I took my dog to the new, fenced Lauderdale dog park. It is huge, well designed, and amazing. There were dozens of people there with their dogs. My dog loved it and I was able to relax and visit with new people too. She’s not good off-leash and we don’t have a fenced yard, so this place was perfect for us!


Lewis Farms | Ward 1

Edmonton Public Libraries are one of my family’s most favourite, and used service. The baby and toddler programs have brought a sense of community into our lives and are a great free alternative to children’s programming! Plus, my daughter loves picking out new books and it’s never to early to start a love of reading


Lewis Farms | Ward 1

We have lived in the Lewis’s estate community since 2010. We were thrilled to hear that there would be a recreation center in our community until recently we were told that this project may be delayed because of lack of funding. The nearest recreation center is in terwillegar area. We are desperately longing for one that is close by and The whole community will be benefited significantly from it.


Alberta Avenue | Ward 7

The Leisure Access Program and it's associated Low Income Transit Pass program has had a huge impact on my family. It's been the difference between living, and just existing.


Webber Greens

We love the Naturally Edmonton pass! We’ve had so many happy visits to the zoo, Muttart, and John Janzen. We’ve been going with my 4.5 year old for over 2 years and hope to continue in the years to come.


The Hamptons

My two children are enrolled in swimming lessons through City of Edmonton. We have seen their skills and confidence blossom with the efforts and guidance of their teachers. We are so fortunate to have such high quality lessons and facilities for our kids!


Lewis Farms

We have been taking our kids to swimming lessons since they were 6 months old. Now that my son is 6yrs old, and daughter is 3 yrs old, I am seeing their self confidence grow! I am looking forward to having a Rec centre being built closer to us, so that we can go swim more often, and continue to see their confidence and skills build!



Hockey was a central component in my families life. We have 2 goalies in the family. I have been to every hockey arena in the city and have seen the importance and the role that sports and city facilities (rinks) play in the lives of many people in the city. New recreation and sport complexes are necessary to bring life to the West End communities again.


Lewis Farms

When my son was born, as a first time mom, it was hard to begin to socialize with other moms and have my baby around children his own age. We went to “baby lap time” at our nearest library. It began friendships that has lasted for both my son and me. Beyond that it began a renewal of love for reading, and literacy for my son.


Lewis Farms

I have lived in Edmonton my entire life and have always enjoyed spending time at our libraries and swimming pools. These experiences have increased the quality of my life immeasurably. I have grown older I have been fortunate to share the experiences with my family and see the positive impact it has made in their lives as well.



My daughter took swimming lessons when she was young and now as an learning disabled adult loves being able to use City rec centers. We as a family try to keep active and healthy and love have rec centres available.



Using the outdoor spaces and indoor facilities is a wonderful way to spend time with my family that’s affordable. My family loves to be active, but it becomes difficult when everything costs money.


Lewis Farms

Parks for baseball lots of help growing the program. Little League



Our families quality of life has increased drastically now that the bike lanes are available to us. We ride as often as we can and feel safe doing so. There are still some areas of improvement, but I know the City is heading in the right direction and feel proud we can teach our children the joys of not being vehicle reliant. Not to mention, riding is typically faster and more convenient than driving in the downtown core. A great way to get exercise, explore our city and reduce our carbon footprint.



We love the community rec centre in Terwilligar. My daughter is 1 and enjoys swimming, and I think she would love the indoor playground there too. We find ourselves travelling out of Edmonton to access these types of facilities: 1. Because spruce grove is closer for us. 2. Because Terwilligar is always so busy. We are in great need of the West End community recreation centre.



My daughter is a year now. In her first year we went to the library programs at the West Henday Promenade branch at least once a week for their baby laptime programming. Now that she is a year old, I put books on hold online and pick them up there for her. I would love to have a bigger facility for her to enjoy as she grows up. The West End recreation/community centre is very much needed.


Queen Alexandra

My four kids and I have enjoyed endless hours of programming at Edmonton Public Libraries. Especially now that we can bike there with protected bike lanes, for most of the way! These have increased my confidence and helped me to get my littles out on their bikes more often.


Lewis Farms

When I see families, adults and youth using city recreation facilities I feel a sense of community and have faith in the city’s future. Positive activities that foster healthy habits are important! I look forward to the opening of the much needed Lewis Estates Rec Centre.



I use the the bike lanes 365. They are safe, well maintained and a positive part of the city culture. They need to be maintained, increased and improved.


McCauley | Ward 6

To name just one or two items the City funds that make a positive impact in my life is almost impossible. There is so much that I benefit from: from parks and river valley trails, to rec facilities like Commonwealth Recreation Centre, City facilities greatly improve my quality of life.Snow removal is, of course, vital in a city like Edmonton. As are things that are easy to overlook until they're gone, like waste removal and drainage services.The City needs to continue to invest in itself and its residents. This means keeping focused on the things that improve quality of life. And it means more investment in things like bike lanes and public transit. Global climate change is threatening to destroy humanity. Let's at least make a small effort to stop that.


Jasper Park | Ward 1

The River Valley trails & parks that connect to it have created the fondest memories for my family & I. Hawrelak Park is one of our favourite locations in the city, that hosts our favourite summer events. The best part is being able to get there via the beautiful trails, which means less car trips! Our summers would not be the same without these things in Edmonton. We are so grateful.


Baturyn | Ward 3

Last summer, my family and I took advantage of the free admission to the City's outdoor pools with our two boys. The outdoor pools are great facilities for families and the free admission made swimming a popular activity for us over the summer. This was an excellent way to supplement the kids' swimming lessons (another great City service) and keep the family active. Regular swimming can get expensive for a family of four, so we really appreciated the City making these facilities available at no cost!


Webber Greens | Ward 1

We love the Naturally Edmonton pass! We’ve had so many happy visits to the zoo, Muttart, and John Janzen. We’ve been going with my 4.5 year old for over 2 years and hope to continue in the years to come.



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