What is ThriveYEG All About?

The idea is to gather stories from Edmontonians to remind City Council that a city’s budget impacts the everyday quality of life for residents. Sharing these stories will remind Council that access to quality programs, services and infrastructure is what truly makes Edmontonians prosperous. It is a movement to continue building a city where Edmontonians thrive, and where the needs of those who aren’t thriving are accounted for in decision-making.

What specific budget items does Thrive YEG want funded?

Thrive YEG doesn’t advocate for any specific item to be funded. That’s ultimately the job of City Council to decide. What Thrive YEG does, is makes it easier for people to share what makes a positive impact in their lives so Council can make balanced and informed choices.

We may not all agree on the nitty gritties of what those approved budget items should be, but the philosophy is that sometimes we need to spend money on things that are a priority to some but not others. We are a city of almost a million people, and it only makes sense not everyone will have the same lifestyle or needs. We are Canadian. We are Albertan, and we are Edmontonian. In our experience, Edmontonians are there for one another. Together, we can make a difference so all Edmontonians can thrive over the next four year budget.

What Drives Thrive YEG?

This project puts forward the following values:

  1. A city is for people, and its budget must reflect the diverse needs of those people.
  2. Prosperity means more than just the bottom line. It also includes overall quality of life - our ability to feel connected to the people and places around us, access to employment, leisure, housing, the arts, transportation, information, clean drinking water and more. It also means we are welcome to feel AT HOME in Edmonton - no matter our income, education, profession, health, age or ability.
  3. On a daily basis, there are many city services, programs and infrastructure that improve our lives.
  4. Good use of tax dollars is more important than the number itself. Waste or mis-use of public funding is not OK. Taxes spent in an accountable way are a necessary part of a thriving city, and an investment in the people who make up that city.
  5. Not everyone uses city services, programs or infrastructure in the same way. Funding an item may benefit one group of people more than another. That’s OK. We’re a city of almost a million people, and that’s to be expected.
  6. It’s our job, as citizens, to share the stories of what’s important in our own life journey in Edmonton. It’s up to City Council to take those stories and ultimately make the tough choices on what gets funded and what must wait.

What is the goal of Thrive YEG?

Thrive YEG a project about regular Edmontonians who want a great city we can all thrive in, and about City Council considering a budget that will get us there. Our goal is to encourage a dialogue that is positive, respectful and rich in diversity of experience.

Who is funding Thrive YEG?

Thrive YEG is a 100% volunteer driven project. It is funded by donations of time, skills and resources of the people who believe in the value of this project. If you love this project and have some capacity you can share with us, please email us at hello@thriveyeg.ca and we'd be happy to bring you on board!

Do you have a social media presence?

Thrive YEG has decided not to open up our own social media accounts. Instead, we are going to rely on building up this grassroots movement using one another’s social networks. You can help, by using the hashtag #ThriveYEG and directing people to www.thriveyeg.ca to share their stories.

What kinds of things does the City fund?

The City of Edmonton provides funding and/or staff support for many things that may impact your daily life. Here are a few examples (not a complete list):

  1. Infrastructure (ex: roads, sidewalks, LRT, buses, bike lanes, bridges)
  2. Programs (ex: drop-in library programs)
  3. Support to community leagues (ex: operating grants, Neighbourhood Resource Coordinator, Project Coordinators)
  4. Support for the arts (ex: grants to dance, art and theatre groups)
  5. Public Indoor Amenities (ex: John Janzen Nature Centre, libraries, recreation facilities)
  6. Public Outdoor Amenities (ex: Valley Zoo, parks and sports fields, outdoor tracks and tennis courts)
  7. Public engagement opportunities
  8. Services (ex: snow clearing, park and playground maintenance, garbage pick up, drainage and sewer, clean water)
  9. Other initiatives (ex: working with other partners to solve difficult problems such as homelessness or to build the profile of the City by bidding on hosting special events)
  10. For more info visit the City of Edmonton website at https://yegcitybudget.ca/.

Where can I get more information on the City of Edmonton budget and budget process?

Please visit the City of Edmonton website at https://yegcitybudget.ca/ or phone 311 for more information.

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