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Edmonton is a city about people. During this fall's budget debate, Thrive Edmonton wants our City Council to keep the people in mind above all else.


Council needs to think about who benefits from changes to the budget.

Changes to the budget, whether an increase or decrease, have an impact on you and other residents.


Thrive Edmonton is also an invitation to the people of Edmonton. An invitation to reflect on some of the really great things the City of Edmonton does, and share those stories with others. It’s a movement to work together, instead of against one another’s interests. It includes business, artists, parents, community organizers, educators, and all income levels.

We are a city of almost a million people and it only makes sense our needs may differ. It’s time to put partisanship aside and share the things about Edmonton that make our lives better, so that collectively this city and the people in it can thrive.


Share your story

What city-funded program, service or infrastructure makes your life better?

We will share your stories publicly and amplify what's important to you.

Unsure of what kinds of things the City funds? Our FAQ has some examples to help.

Share your story.
Join the movement.

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Share your story.
Join the movement.

Vote to Put People First
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